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Our site is missing all but this front page as we deal with technical issues. Still, our two featured books are terrific. Voices from the Street earned a silver in the 2008 Nautilus Awards in the category Social Change/Activism/Peaceful Solutions and a 2008 bronze IPPY Book Award for West-Pacific Best Regional Non-fiction.

Company Information & Profile

We publish practical information for strong communities on social justice, criminal justice, and community development. With a bit more indepth explanation, our books are meant for the general population; people who want useful guidance on important topics of social construction without being preached to. We give you the information, you make up your mind.
Gray Sunshine started in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, Washington. It's the place that inspired our name. We're now in Utah so our publisher can live close to his siblings and mother.


  • Careful Now!

    Just as the need is greatest, the opportunity to publish is the weakest.

  • Our current economic climate makes even highly successful books fight for life.
  • Unfortunately, the same is true of even more critical needs, like higher education. At a time when the need for education is most acute, state legislatures are cutting education budgets from K-12 to universities.
  • The same terrible impact is being felt in all areas of social services and other key areas.
  • For us at Gray Sunshine, the tougher times mean a need for greater care in our publishing decisions. We thank those who support us, and give even stronger thanks to those who work to make positive differences in the lives of those around them.
  • Our sister imprint, Sofa Ink

  • If you like wholesome reading and soothing, beautiful art, then you'll want to visit our imprint Sofa Ink.